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Kendo is the traditional art of the Japanese Sword.  It is practiced by people of all backgrounds.  It focuses on developing inner strength and then projecting that strength outwards.  Kendo is known for developing Self-Discipline, Self-Awareness, Spirit, and Confidence.



Kendo is great for children because it develops many internal aspects that have become neglected in our modern society.  In Kendo, the spirit of the training is equally important, or even more important, than the physical movements.  Developing this warrior spirit gives kids the confidence and discipline to excel in school and drives them optimistically into adulthood.



Iaido is the Japanese Martial Art of the Sword that focus on drawing the sword from its sheath and cutting in a single motion. While it can be practiced with a live blade (shinken), it is usually practiced with a dull blade (Iaitō), or a wooden sword (bokken) for safety.

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